Best City to Live in the United States

Thinking of moving to some other place or not. A moderately populated city with decent job opportunities, peaceful atmosphere, juvenile people, little to no crime rate,  delighting exposure to nature or even a lake, what could be more delighting to live at a perfect place of your dreams. It comes down to our personal fit of what we want in the best city to live in the United States

On a general term, the above – mentioned points mostly complete a city anyone wouldn’t regret to live in. A friendly city makes it easy for anyone to get comfortable in no time, away from crowd and traffic, the stressful life of huge cities makes some adore the charm of a small or medium sized city.

There can be many cities included if one is searching for top cities to live in the states but when it comes to the best, we need a little while and no one can judge a city based on objective facts with no experience. No one can decide the best city for them until you believe that it is a place you want to be at.

the best city to live in the united states

Palo Alto, California is our personal favorite which is simply the best combination of the modern and cultural ethnicity of living. With a moderate population, high median household income and fairly high quality of living places as Palo Alto change you from the inside. With peace and love, anyone can happily live at such place which is also connected to major cities and fulfill most of the pre requisite of the best city.

No list is complete with honorable mentions and neither will this article. Rochester, Minnesota is a great pick, with the rapid growth this city is one the best places to live in. The loving people of Minnesota makes everything much easier for their newly moved neighbors. The median household costs relatively lower than Palo Alto which is like the cherry on the apple pie. Parks are great, connectivity is not an issue in most part of states and something is just charming about this place, think of education or job opportunities, Rochester seems to be a great pick.

this is a picture of one of the best places to live in the united states

Ann Arbor, Michigan is our next pick. Here the University of Michigan plays a vital role in organizing many events in this city of Michigan which keeps people busy and entertained. Apart from the cultural events, college life is quite decent at this place, thanks to the University of Michigan. The modern restaurants and cafes are great place to hang out and considering hundred and fifty parks in this city, the atmosphere is chilling and extremely good for heart and soul

We have mentioned three great cities not too big, not suffocated with a large population but clean, decent and rich cities where you will enjoy the peace, getting closure to nature will hardly bore you. The life is decorated with pleasures of small things we tend to neglect in cities covered with skyscrapers and forget the real beauty of life but after staying at such amazing places our weekend’s changes to holidays.

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