Traverse City Best Place to Live In the United States

It is normal that people do think too much about living in a wonderful place. A place where there is a relief and where they can afford a living. Indulging in your decision, I can help you with a place which can be the best place to live in the United States. Though there are many good places in the United States, all of them aren’t affordable to all. So, the place you all must consider before choosing your dream locality is “Traverse City”. This city, according to me, has the most beautiful nature consisted in itself. In an advance era, in which we are living, it is difficult to find a small city which can cope up with the technologies, like big cities do. America’s most populated places are very well known to everyone, which includes, New York, Ohio, Tampa Florida and much more. But the beauty of these small towns is something out of the box. It expresses its beauty to make people live in it. The beauty of “Traverse City” will get you attracted to it.

this is an image of the view in the lake of traverse city

Introduction to the City

Traverse City is a county located in Michigan. It is a place where people have their own religion; they follow the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gaylord. The city was first formed in 1891 as a village, but later on, it gained the authorization to be a city in 1895. The city currently works under two specific authorities which are the Mayor and the City Manager. The current Mayor of Traverse City is, Mr. Jim Carruthers and the City Manager is Penny Hill. In the course of education and schooling facilities, the city occupies a good number of schools. There are 13 elementary schools, 2 middle high schools, and 3 high schools. Though the city lacks in having a university or college, its education facilities are great. The city does promote and support sports, it is famous for teams that play baseball and American football.


The Traverse City Beach Buns is the team which represents the city for the baseball game. It is a very small place but instead of that fact it generates many tourists every year. The major earnings of the city come through tourism only, the National Cherry Festival is most liked by the tourists. The city has a good production of cherries that’s why they celebrate it as a festival. The transportation facilities are well managed, it allows access to the airport, railways, and roadways to you. The major stations are Great Lakes Central Railroad, Cherry Capital Airport, and Coast Guard Air Stations. The city has very less population; the current census mentioned a population of around 15,000 people (approximately) in the Traverse City.

this is a picture of the traverse city

Reasons Why to Choose This Place:

The main reasons I would stay are:

  • This place provides you the all required facilities and in a proper management.
  • The place is situated far away from the major city rush and this can provide you good relief and a better living environment.
  • The place has been a remarkable spot for natural beauty, so it also counts.
  • The place is easily affordable and you can enjoy your life economically.
  • The population is very less at this spot so people must consider buying some land in this place as it can be profitable to you as it is a fast growing city.

This the information on which you can consider and make Traverse City as your option a place to live in the United States.   

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